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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm So Tired

This song was playing in my head all day as I dragged my sorry self from class to class.

My classmates and I had an assignment to write last night that was due today at the crack of dawn. As soon as I handed it in, I collapsed on a couch in the hallway and willed myself to stay awake even though my body was shutting down.


Hopefully I survive my shift at work tonight, so that when I get home, this will be my theme song instead:


  1. Trying to post this for the 3rd time.

    I was a huge Beatles fan as a kid, but I don't recognize these songs. What's up with that?

    What's your favourite Beatles song and album? Do you like Sloan? I think they're very Beatles-ish.

  2. Dear Laina,

    That is all.


  3. Speaking of the soundtracks of our tired souls, I play this one when I'm missing my friends - which happens more when I'm sleep deprived.

    ANYTIME YOU WANT ME - Michael Franti & Spearhead

    The songs isn't as cheesy as it's title suggests. Try it.

  4. Mark: These are slightly more obscure songs, "I'm So Tired" is from the White Album and "I'm Only Sleeping" is off Revolver. It's hard to find a bad Beatles song - even the lesser known ones are great.

    My favourite album changes daily. It was Abbey Road for the longest time, but lately I've been really into Rubber Soul. What's yours?

    I used to be absolutely obsessed with Sloan. In fact, I've already blogged about them! I love their Beatles-y sound.

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lauren: Definitely one of my favourite songs of theirs. Beautiful.

  5. Jaclyn: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll give it a listen before my post-school nap.

  6. I'm So Tired is such an underrated song from The White Album. Same with Rocky Raccoon. Such a short song, but it tells a great story and it's packed with so much energy!

  7. Rocky raccoon is great but I'm not a big fan of the white album. I don't think I've ever heard rubber soul. My favourite is definitely sgt peppers.