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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Say It Ain't So

When I was 13, I was an unfortunate combination of raging hormones, debilitating social anxiety, and terrible fashion sense. I was terrified of boys and spent most of my lunch hours in the school library.

Not much has changed since then, but I digress.

When we were growing up, my big brother was always my idol. He started playing the bass guitar as a teenager, and I thought this was just about the coolest thing ever (don't tell him that).

His music school celebrated the end of the year with a big concert, where students would join together and form one-night-only bands to showcase their prowess on their instrument of choice.

I would sit in the audience with my parents, jealous I wasn't on stage rocking out with all the cool kids.

I decided I had to change. I could be a cool kid too, and my instrument of choice was the drums.

It was so simple! The drums would be my ticket to popularity. With each pound on the skins, I would shed my awkwardness, my loneliness, my braces, and quickly become the coolest girl in school.

Unlike many of my harebrained schemes, I actually stuck to this one. Within a year I had a cheap set of drums and was taking lessons (little did I know it was fundamentally uncool to take lessons. It was hipper to be self-taught, but I just didn't have the discipline).

My drum teacher had me practice by playing along to things like Britney Spears, as the beats were so basic it was easy to keep up and add my own flair where the studio musician lacked.

After some time, my teacher encouraged me to play along to music I actually listened to. I was intimidated at first, as I could never see myself going crazy on a set of drums like Stewart Copeland of the Police.

Like many awkward teens, one of my favourite bands was Weezer. One day, I decided to plunk the Blue Album into my discman and try my best to play along.

The first song I ever taught myself was Say It Ain't So.

Even though I listened to it about fifty thousand times when I was learning it, it's still one of my favourite songs.

And no, as you can probably guess, my drumming didn't magically transform me into Mr. Cool. Not even Mrs. Cool.

I'm still a huge dweeb, just a dweeb that can play the drums.

But look at Rivers Cuomo. He's king of the dorks, but in the best possible way. He's made a lucrative career out of being a nerd.

Maybe I can too.


  1. Awesome to see another Weezer fan! They're an awesome band. An underrated gem in my opinion.

  2. For sure. I never really got into their newer stuff, but Blue Album and Pinkerton are great.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I listened to Say It Ain't So on repeat while I studied for an American History exam in high school once, and now whenever I hear it I think of American History exams. I got a B+ but I still love that song.