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Saturday, November 12, 2011


SHOOT, this is a good song.

A couple years ago I was splitting a pitcher with some friends at Cousins. One moment we were attempting to teach each other French, and the next thing we knew all the tables had been cleared and a full-blown dance party was in force.

Not something you typically see at Cousins.

The barkeeps were blasting everything from Madonna to Michael Jackson to the Knife. It was fantastic.

This song is perfect for riding your bike through empty streets in the middle of the night. Or, going for a walk first thing in the morning, just because. Or blasting on your headphones right after you've just failed a test or blown an interview or otherwise made a fool of yourself in a public setting.

In any case, it will make you feel good.

José González does a pretty lovely acoustic cover of it as well. Some days I think I like his version better, but ultimately, the Knife has my heart. José's version is beautiful, but in a different way.

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