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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here Comes Your Man

Spring has sprung! Clichés abound! I feel like tiptoeing through the tulips, and all that.

For some reason, spring always makes me think of the Pixies. Maybe because the name 'Pixies' makes me picture sprite-like nymphs darting through freshly sprung flowers. More likely, it's because I saw the Pixies play in Winnipeg last spring, and for the next two months after I saw them, I listened to Doolittle every single day.

Sometimes when I go to a great show, it inspires me to listen to the band on my stereo as soon as I get home. And subsequently, everyday on my headphones for the foreseeable future. Other times, I'll see a mind-blowing show and that will be enough. I'll scarcely listen to the band again.

Like I said, the Pixies fall into the former category. They were never my favourite band, but when I heard they were coming to town to play my favourite album of theirs in its entirety, it was a musical opportunity I could not miss. And lucky me, it was just about the best show I'd seen all year.

Here's my favourite song off Doolittle, the very springy "Here Comes Your Man":  

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