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Monday, March 12, 2012

If I Make it Through This Winter

If the past couple days are any indication, winter is a thing of the past in my fair town.

Nevertheless, this song has been playing in my head these past few days.

 Not the best video, but a nice song.

I remember listening to the Paperbacks on my discman as I walked home from high school. I specifically remember stressing myself out beyond belief over an upcoming pre-cal exam. That test seemed like it would determine my entire future. Considering how terrible I am at math, you can imagine my horror.

Fast-forward 10 years: that exam didn't mean a darn thing. I passed, barely, but that has nothing to do with where I am today.

If I make it through the rest of this winter, I'll have to remember - what I'm so stressed about today might mean next to nothing in 10 years.

Picture by me, this past weekend.


  1. The Paperbacks are so Winnipeg winter. Remember harmonizing to "I Suffer This Like a Dream" in my car?

  2. How could I forget? You'll always be the Jack to my Doug.